Information For Vacating

Thank you for choosing JWC for your rental needs! Here is need-to-know information regarding our JWC Notice to Vacate. We require that you submit a minimum 30-day written notice to vacate. All tenants are responsible for rent due before that notice expires. Rent will not be pro-rated until the keys are turned in. For example, if your lease expires December 31, you must submit your minimum 30-day written notice to vacate no later than December 1st. If your JWC notice to vacate is submitted after December 1st, your lease will renew as month-to-month and this will make you responsible for all of January’s rent. January’s rent will not be pro-rated. So, please make sure you submit your notice to vacate before the 30-day window of your lease expiration date. You must turn in your keys to our office before your lease expires to officially surrender the property back to us. The most effective way to submit your notice to vacate is through your tenant portal.

Military Orders

An official copy of military orders must accompany the tenant notice to vacate. We verify all PCS, ETS and Deployment orders for authenticity.

Keys & Garage Remotes

Keys and garage remotes your rental property must be handed over to our staff during normal business hours before the expiration of your lease to officially surrender the property back to us. Keys and garage remotes will not be accepted in the night deposit box.


All receipts for cleaning, carpet cleaning and pest control must be submitted to our staff for lease compliance. All cleaning, carpet cleaning and pest control must be completed before your keys are submitted to our office.


Utilities to your rental property must be left on for 5 full business days (M – F) after you surrender the property by turning in your keys.

Forwarding Address

Make sure you provide us with a forwarding address when submitting your JWC notice to vacate. Your security deposit disposition will be mailed to the forwarding address you provide us within 30 days after you surrender the property back to us by turning in the keys.

Recurring Payments

Please make sure you cancel any recurring payments by logging into your tenant portal. If you are a Flex customer, you will need to cancel your Flex subscription.

Hiring Our Vendors

We highly recommend that you hire our approved vendors to complete your cleaning, carpet cleaning, lawn care and pest control needs. These vendors know our requirements and if we need to recall them, there will not be any additional charge to you. However, if you decide to hire your own vendor and that vendor has to be recalled to complete work needed to meet our requirements, there may be additional charges that you may be responsible for.


Flying Broom

M&E Cleaning

V&B Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


Awesome Joe

Killeen Carpet Care

Lawn Care

Ohana Lawn Care

Joaquin’s Lawn Care

Sammy’s Lawn Care

Pest Control

ABC Pest Control

Centex Pest Control

Requirements for Property Condition at Move-out.
  1. Make sure your keyless deadbolts are not locked when you turn in your keys. If we are unable to get access to the property, you will be charged for re-keying the property.
  2. Ceilings, walls, and woodwork: Loose dirt should be removed from walls and other surfaces. Blinds should be cleaned and dust free.
  3. Spots, dirt, grease fingerprints and other marks should be removed from walls, baseboards, window sills, doors and other woodwork.
  4. Nails and screws should be removed. Walls and doors restored to their original condition. Holes and spots should be professionally restored.
  5. All decals (stars on ceiling, stickers, wallpaper, contact paper, etc) should be removed.
  6. All drawers, furniture and cabinets should be emptied, wiped out and left open. Closets and shelves should be cleared of hangers and trash. Kitchen cabinets should be free of food particles, cleaned and left open. Dishwasher should be cleaned and dry.
  7. Refrigerators should be defrosted and thoroughly washed out with a mild detergent and wiped completely dry. Dial should be turned to the “Off” position. Refrigerators should be unplugged and and doors left open. Exterior surfaces or refrigerators should be clean including the rubber door seal. Refrigerators should be moved away from the wall and the area behind and underneath should be cleaned including the floor and wall. Refrigerators should be returned back to their normal position.
  8. Ranges, ovens and stovetops should be completely clean. Easy Off is a good product to use on the interior of the oven. Drip pans should be replaced with new ones. Wire brushes or sandpaper should never be used. Do not attempt to use a cleaning product on a self-cleaning oven.
  9. Light fixtures should be cleaned and equipped with working bulbs of proper size. Ceiling fans should also be cleaned and equipped with proper bulbs.
  10. Bathtubs, showers, basins, sinks, toilets and tile should be thoroughly scrubbed, cleaned and dried.
  11. Air conditioner, heating units, equipment closets and vents should be cleaned. A new AC filter should be installed and the access panel left off/open for inspection.
  12. Vent-a-hood exhaust filter should be replaced and free of all grease.
  13. All tile or wood floors must be mopped clean and free of marks and scuffs.
  14. Garages and driveways should be cleaned and all grease and oil marks removed.
  15. Grounds should be neatly mowed and edged including overgrown grass and weeds in flowerbeds. Trash and other debris should be removed from the grounds.
  16. Windows should be cleaned to include both sides. Screens should be in original condition or they should be replaced.
  17. Fireplace should have all ashes removed and fireplace cleaned.
  18. Carpets should be professionally steam cleaned and shampooed by and approved vendor. The receipt for payment of carpet cleaning should be submitted to our company when turning in keys. Self-carpet cleaning or rental equipment receipts will not be accepted.
  19. For tenants with pets, the inside and outside of the property should be professionally treated by an approved pest control vendor for fleas and ticks. Receipt for pest control should be submitted when turning in keys. Yard must be free of pet feces. Any pet holes should be filled and yard restored to original condition at move-in.
  20. Satellite dishes should be removed and disposed of along with any equipment used with installation; including poles, mounts, etc.
  21. Any security systems installed by the tenant should be removed and all areas in which system was in place or mounted should be restored back to original condition.

All receipts must be dated within 7 days prior to turning in keys to our office.
These are the conditions in which your property must be when vacating. If these requirements are not met, our company will hire vendors to restore the property to the conditions required by the terms of your lease. All charges for cleaning, repair, replacement, etc will be deducted from your security deposit. If said charges exceed your security deposit, you will be responsible for the remaining balance.